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Rothenburg ob der Tauber - City Wall

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Rothenburg's city wall is one of the especially impressive structures of this medieval city. The military arrangement is preserved almost completely and reminds one of the defensive systems of the 17th century. A walk along the military walkways will be a special experience. It is free and one is able to walk along the wall around almost the whole city. The gate arrangements are interesting too. These were built as double gates with a kennel and a watch tower. The first city wall was built in 1172. White Tower, Markus's Tower, and Röder Arch date from this year and are still well-preserved. However, already by 1204 the city had outgrown its first wall and larger one had to be built. The military defence arrangement was strengthened systematically up until time of the 30-Year War. Then the economic decline of Rothenburg prevented a further extension of the fortification.

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