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Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Markus's tower

Markus's tower is part of the remains of the first city wall built in 1172. The original wall was mostly destroyed or allowed to fall into ruin in the 14-th century, when a second external city wall was built to surround the growing city. That is why this gate is located in the middle of an area with lots of buildings today. Other towers from the first city wall that are still standing are the White Tower and Röder Arch.

Photos of Rothenburg's inner city (click for more information):

Markus's tower Upper Smith's Lane Marketplace with well Marketplace Arch of the old city hall Sivemaker's Tower Medieval drinking room Man's Lane House of the "Spitalbereiter" City wall at Klingenschütt St. Jacob's church Gate under Saint Jakob's Church City wall

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