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Erfurt - St. Mary's Cathedral and Severi Church

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St. Mary's Cathedral and Severi Church inside St. Mary's Cathedral in Erfurt inside St. Mary's Cathedral in Erfurt

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Big open steps lead to one of the most excellent building ensembles in Gothic style in the Erfurt old town. Around 725 the first St. Mary's church was erected on the hill overlooking Domplatz. In 1154 the construction of a Romanesque basilica there began. It was expanded and changed in several stages into today's Gothic cathedral. At about the same time there was apparently the foundation of a cloister beside the cathedral which later was transformed into what is now known as Severi Church. The Gothic church here also originated from a Romanesque predecessor's construction.

The gigantic town square below (known as Domplatz or Cathederal Square in English) provides an overpowering look at the construction ensemble above. The steps leading up to the main entrance of the cathedral and the 12-meter-high pillars which support the eastern nave of the cathedral are unique architect's achievements of that time.

Erfurt cathedral has one of the biggest bells in Europe: It's called the Gloriosa. It was made in 1497 by a Dutch bell caster. The cathedral accommodates numerous art treasures. To most famous one is the Erfurt Wolfram, a bronze candlestick created in 1160. It is the oldest fee-standing foundry product in German art history. One can attend religious services at the cathedral and Severi Church and also view them during the day free of charge. One can also take a guided tour which includes going up in the belltower to see the Gloriosa. In the former cloister of the cathedral there is The Catholic Ttheology School of the University of Erfurt can be found in the former cloister of the cathedral.

Opening times and guidances in the cathedral are daily except Sunday morning from 09:00 o'clock - 17:00 (in winter from 10:00 - 16:00). One can obtain further information and register for a guided tour by calling +49-361-646-1265.

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